British, music lover and a full-time dreamer.
“Looking beyond the embers of bridges glowing behind us
To a glimpse of how green it was on the other side
Steps taken forwards but sleepwalking back again
Dragged by the force of some sleeping tide”
Pink Floyd, High Hopes.
“She had a desire to leave the past behind her and, as she said to herself, to begin afresh. This desire indeed was not a birth of the present occasion; it was as familiar as the sound of the rain upon the window and it had led to her beginning afresh a great many times. She closed her eyes as she sat in one of the dusky corners of the quiet parlour; but it was not with a desire for dozing forgetfulness. It was on the contrary because she felt too wide-eyed and wished to check the sense of seeing too many things at once.”
Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady.
“The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
Pablo Neruda
“Don’t fight your reflex, embrace the instinct.”
IAMX, Spit it Out.